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Our Master Programme meets global and local engineering and business needs by principally developing simulation and modelling skills, for shorter solution times, that are also more physically accurate and can include multibody and multiphysics.


Students would also expect to link to physical test & measurement, for model validation or final proof if required. This would especially be during their internship or thesis stages when supported by industry, and/or in the Department’s Structural Dynamics Laboratory.


We also emphasise the development of soft and transferable skills, objective orientated work, empowering the students to use resources as they see fit, but with a sense of responsibility and performance fitting in within the Department framework. This includes working in teams, sometimes with our Research Assistant Staff.


Course will also include lectures from Visiting Professors and industry, to broaden exposure to academic, research and current engineering topic applications.


We want to recruit the best students, into relatively small class sizes for good staff/student ratios and close interaction at all levels in both education and research. There will be opportunities for students to apply for internship and/or thesis placements overseas (outside of Thailand), not only in Germany, but other countries too.




Applicants must have the bachelor degree in mechanical engineering (or related fields) awarded by an internationally recognized universities with a minimum GPA of 3.0 (or 2.75 with adequate experiences), and with good reading, writing and communication skills in English, successful completion of the TGGS English pre-course. To obtain the TGGS M.Sc. degree, TOEFL 525+ or IELTS 5.5 or equivalent has to pass within 1 year after registration.

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