Educational Philosophy

The educational philosophy of the MAE program is defined by the educational concept of TGGS described as an “industry-oriented engineering education concept which combines teaching and research based on the successful model of RWTH-Aachen University”. By following this philosophy, both the vision and first mission statement of TGGS are realized “to educate engineering graduates for industrial needs with international standards”.

This means that all teaching in MAE is done through demonstration on actual research (including all kinds of academic services) while all learning is achieved through application of knowledge and skills on actual engineering problems. Textbooks are used for reference, but not for defining content and structure of classes.

By following this philosophy, the MAE program is transforming students into mature, responsible professionals. Students realize that knowledge and skills are not gained only to achieve good grades and a degree, but to create value in industrial and research applications and finally, that the quality of one’s achievement is not negotiable but governed by facts and the laws of science and business.