Study Plan A2 (TGGS Original)

MESD timetable for semester 2-2021 (JPG)

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1st Semester
Core Course – Computer Aided Engineering Tools l
Core Course – Fluid Mechanics for Simulation and Design
Core Course – Finite Element Methods
Core Course – Machine Design Process
Elective Course – Thermodynamics for Mechanical Engineering

2nd Semester
Core Course – Industrial Design Engineering
Core Course – Research Fundamentals in Mechanical and Structure Engineering
Elective Course – 3 courses chosen

Available Elective Courses include:
– Computational Fluid Dynamics
– Heat Transfer
Computer Aided Engineering Tools ll
– Mechanical Behavior and Degradations
– Turbulence Modelling for CFD
– Application of Simulation in Vehicle Safety and Biomechanics
– Fundamentals of Vehicle and Component Assessments
– Special Topic in Mechanical Engineering Simulation and Design

3rd Semester
Industrial Internship

4th Semester
Master Thesis