Current Students

Academic Year 2022

Doctoral Student Mesay Dejene Altaye (MESD)
Research Topic:

Master Student Abdullah Yasin (MESD)
Research Topic: N/A
Osama Ali Ahmed Awan (MESD)
Research Topic: Numerical Analysis of the flow phenomena inside the Vortex Tube 
Kishen Sivakumar (MESD)
Research Topic: N/A
Supasit Suerungruang (ASAE)
Research Topic: Associations between the accident parameters and injury severity in motorcycle-vehicle collisions using decision tree
Warot Boondirek (ASAE)
Research Topic: N/A
Krittamate Badikan (ASAE)
Research Topic: Development of Battery thermal management system based Dual-Evaporators Ejector Expansion Refrigeration System for energy efficient and safety in Electric Vehicles

Academic Year 2021

Doctoral Student Warodom Phungjununt (ASAE)
Research Topic: Design Optimization for Electric Vehicle Battery Packaging by Integrating Machine learning with Finite Element Modelling

Master Student Korakot Saicharoen (MESD)
Research Topic:
Nongnapat Phadungjiraphanthatip (MESD)
Research Topic: Study parameters affect to acoustic pressure in ultrasonic cleaning
Pornteera Daopiset (MESD)
Research Topic: Valuve Seat Complete-CFD Analysis and Design of Experiments (DOE)
Thanaphong Champrasit (MESD)
Research Topic: Study of mechanical behavior and failure of surface-treated material for future mobility application
Galing Tirtojati Suwito (MESD)
Research Topic: N/A
Patcharadanai Vichachang (ASAE)
Research Topic: Lightweight Design of Electric Vehicle Front-End Structure Using Metal Foam for Vulnerable Road User Safety
Nguyen Thien Phu (ASAE)
Research Topic: N/A

Academic Year 2020

Doctoral Student Nathathai Saithongkum (MESD)
Research Topic:
 Study of Fretting Wear on Axis of Wheelset
Tahir Abbas Jauhar (MESD)
Research Topic: Automated generation and management of product and production data for mass-individualized production

Master Student Thiraphat Phuakphewvong (MESD)
Research Topic: Study the relationship between the temperature surface of pipe and thickness by use Thermal Nondestructive testing (TNDT) technique
Seyyed Masoud Kargar (MESD)
Research Topic: N/A
Anyamanee Suksing (ASAE)
Research Topic: Improvement of road traffic accident investigation process to develop injury risk function
Thanachart Hirunsomsup (ASAE)
Research Topic: N/A
Suparat Jamsawang (ASAE)
Research Topic: Development of electric vehicle battery thermal management for performance and safety improvement
Tran Dinh Nhat (ASAE)
Research Topic: Comparative simulation study on occupant safety using the THOR dummy and the THUMS active human body model
Thienchai Mungkalaton (ASAE)
Research Topic: N/A

Academic Year 2019

Doctoral Student Pongpak Lap-Arparat (MESD)
Research Topic: Development Of The Surface Crack Detection Method By Using Vibro-thermography

Master Student Rinpapak Phattharadechphong (MESD)
Research Topic: N/A
Saifon Srisaart (MESD)
Research Topic: Investigation of single layer and bilayer of thermal spray coatings
Chukwudi Augustine Udeaja (MESD)
Research Topic: N/A
Nguyen Dinh Bao (ASAE)
Research Topic: Simulation study on pre-crash occupant repositioning with different active human body model anthropometries

Academic Year 2018

Doctoral Student Sitthichok Sitthiracha (ASAE)
Research Topic: Automated Driving Maneuvers of Vehicle under Passing Motorcycle Scenarios

Academic Year 2017

Doctoral Student Maitri Kamonrattanapisud (MESD)
Research Topic: Computational study of friction materials: Application to clutch

Master Student Aphaiwat Wattanakitcharoen (MESD)
Research Topic: Development of an Efficient Numerical Method in the Framework of the Unstructured Finite Volume Method for the Thermo-Fluid-Electric Coupled Problem

Academic Year 2016

Doctoral Student Itsara Rojana(ASAE)
Research Topic: Parametric study of foam-filled honeycomb structure crushing characteristics

Academic Year 2015

Doctoral Student Pudsadee Chupong (MESD)
Research Topic: Improvement properties of tool steel by shot peening process