Doctoral Students

Academic Year 2020

Nathathai Saithongkum
Research Topic: Study of Fretting Wear on Axis of Wheelset





Tahir Abbas Jauhar
Research Topic: Automated generation and management of product and production data for mass-individualized production





Academic Year 2019

Phongsakorn Thawornsathit
Research Topic: Simulation towards Life Cycle Prediction of Micro Pressure Sensor subjected to Mechanical Fatigue Load




Pongpak Lap-Arparat
Research Topic: Development Of The Surface Crack Detection Method By Using Vibro-thermography





Academic Year 2018

Ampol Kamnerdsook
Research Topic: Generation of Limitated AQP4 Antigens using Double-emulsion Droplet-based Microfluidic Devices for NMO Detection




Academic Year 2017

Pannasit Borwornpiyawat
Research Topic: Development of a micro heat sink for TMEC under the operating condition of the ALICE experiment at CERN




Maitri Kamonrattanapisud
Research Topic: Computational study of friction materials: Application to clutch





Academic Year 2016

Mahathep Sukpat
Research Topic: Development of Repetitive Impact Surface Failure Life Evaluation Method by Local Impact Technique




Academic Year 2015

Pudsadee Chupong
Research Topic: Improvement properties of tool steel by shot peening process






Master Students

Academic Year 2021

Korakot Saicharoen
Research Topic: N/A





Nongnapat Phadungjiraphanthatip
Research Topic: N/A





Pornteera Daopiset
Research Topic: N/A





Peerasichz Wongsawat
Research Topic: N/A





Thanaphong Champrasit
Research Topic: N/A





Galing Tirtojati Suwito
Research Topic: N/A





Academic Year 2020

Supachai Warawong
Research Topic: Finite element model validation for Caulking process in High pressure pump





Kamonchanok Hirunwat
Research Topic: Optimisation on honeycomb material structure for battery enclosure crashworthiness application





Thiraphat Phuakphewvong
Research Topic: Study the relationship between the temperature surface of pipe and thickness by use Thermal Nondestructive testing (TNDT) technique





Dwi Achmad Satrio
Research Topic: N/A





Seyyed Masoud Kargar
Research Topic: N/A





Academic Year 2019

Rinpapak Phattharadechphong
Research Topic: N/A





Saifon Srisaart
Research Topic: Investigation of single layer and bilayer of thermal spray coatings





Chukwudi Augustine Udeaja
Research Topic: N/A





Haseeb Shafaqat
Research Topic: Development and Assessment of a Vehicle Rocker for a Functionally Integrated Battery Housing





Suparoj Premjarunan
Research Topic: Improving Lifetime of Capillary Used in Laser Jet Soldering Process





Academic Year 2017

Phairat Yuenyong
Research Topic: Crumpling Frame Concepts of Motorcycles for Increased Passive Passenger Safety





Aphaiwat Wattanakitcharoen
Research Topic: Development of an Efficient Numerical Method in the Framework of the Unstructured Finite Volume Method for the Thermo-Fluid-Electric Coupled Problem




Napat Kanjeakphong
Research Topic: Numerical Study on Performance of Crossover Jet Impingement Cooling at Trailing Edge of Gas Turbine Blade with and without Rotation