Dear Panin! Here is the list of items to be completed immeadiately. I put them here so there is a clear list, with only one place to look and all information in one place. However, I can and will update that list, so please make sure to refresh your browser when checking this Page.

Last update 24/07/2023 09:00

To Do List:

1.) DONE: Academic Presentation Report for Graduate Student.pdf

  • Download-Link:
  • Fill in ELECTRONIC
  • Submit at ?


  • Download-Link:
  • Fill in Electronic
  • Submit at ?

3. ) DONE: Aknowledge your thesis grade

  • As a result of CU regulations, a “Very Good” (A) grade can only be achieved with a peer reviewed Journal publication or on eInt. Conf. PLUS a further publication (2 in total). With your single publication in international proceedings, your grade can not be better than ดี , which is equivalent to B+ in the KMUTNB system according to the MoA.
  • No need for you to do anything.

4.) Additional External Committee Member

  • It turns out that KMUTNB’s understanding of “external” is not sufficient to satisfy CU demands. Luckily, Dr. Ekkarut has agreed to act as external member – he is from NSTDA.
  • Dr. Ekkarut has asked for a brief presentation of your Master thesis. Please contact him to agree on a presentation meeting

5.) IN PROGRESS: New Form “Report of Examination” with additional external Committee Member

  • Dr. Alex will hunt signatures for you.

6.) IN PROGRESS: Update “Thesis Certificate” (Hardcopy)

  • The signed page that was bound into the thesis book needs to include two more signatures, FoE of CU’s Dean and the additional external committee member. Furthermore, with regards to the fact that formally two faculties are involved, the CU logo should be added OR the KMUTNB logo removed.
  • Khun Fon has re-designed this page, and we are starting hunting for signatures. We will ask you when it’s time for you help this hunt.

7.) IN PROGRESS: Update Thesis Cover Page

  • It was requested to add CU to the Copyright comment. However, I don’t agree this is enough, as CU should also be mentioned as institution that awards the degree, and there should be logos accordingly.
  • I am drafting something and discuss it with the committee first.