Student exchange at RWTH Aachen University

Figure 1 campus melaten

“I was an exchange student at RWTH Aachen university for 6 months from April to September 2019. I worked as a “HIWI student” at the department of tribology in the institute for machine elements and systems engineering (IMSE). My responsibility is to design the testing rig for tribology investigation of solid lubricant in vacuum chamber under supervising of Dr. -Ing. Andreas Stratmann and Mr. Stephan von Goeldel (M. Sc).”

“Working as a foreign student with professional supervisor and colleague at IMSE convinced me to improve myself to be better at working. IMSE colleague and supporting teams are kind and friendly, so it does not take long time to adopt into German culture and living. Moreover, research facilities of IMSE are able to support wide ranges of research on experimental test, simulation and design.”

Figure 2 super C building (left) and Aachen Cathedral (right)

Figure 3 two disc testing rig (left) and EHD testing rig (right)*

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